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The Respiratory Hub performs quality assured spirometry and offers a respiratory specialist nurse review to all patients over 15 years in order to make a diagnosis, start treatment and offer education.

The aim is to support the asthma BTS guidelines which recommend spirometry for any patient where there is a suspicion of asthma and for those patients who are smoker/ex-smokers, who may have COPD (COPD, BTS guidelines 2018).

If the Respiratory Hub is unable to make a diagnosis, they have strong links with the UHL Chest Clinic, who offer support and guidance to the team. Referrals are taken for patients who have asthma or COPD and who have deteriorated where a specialist review is needed.

Booking a patient into the Respiratory Hub 

EMIS > Cross Organisation Appointment > GP Extended Access > OHL Respiratory Hub Telephone

Referral Criteria:

  • This service is suitable for adults and children > 7 years of age

  • The patient must have been recently assessed or have had their notes reviewed by a clinician (*consent must be gained for referral from patient prior to appointment)

Respiratory Hub: About
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