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The Home Visiting Service supports Lewisham GP Practices through delivering rapid home visits to housebound patients in order to support duty GP’s.

Our Home Visiting Team are an experienced team of paramedics, can offer the following:

  • Home Visits for permanently housebound patients (acute issues).

  • Home Visits for temporarily housebound patients (acute issues).

  • QOF reviews (Asthma, COPD and Hypertension) and chronic disease management for housebound patients.

  • Welfare checks for vulnerable housebound patients.

​Referral Criteria:

  • Over-18s ONLY

  • Housebound (Temporarily or Permanent)

  • Registered at a Borough of Lewisham GP Practice.


Please note you are placing your patient on a home visiting waiting list, not booking a timed appointment. The home visiting team will triage the urgency and send a clinician to the patient in a timeline that is suitable. The patient will be called and informed about the time of the clinician’s arrival to their home.

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