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The NHS @home service in Lewisham offers patients the opportunity to receive the care they need from their own place of residence, reducing the need for hospital attendance.

With an objective to reduce the pressures within hospital settings, NHS @home provides a safe and convenient alternative to in-hospital care utilising technology.

In partnership with Doccla, One Health Lewisham offer a general observations pathway of care that is open to referrals from the Lewisham system. Each patient is handed or delivered a monitoring kit, typically comprising of a mobile phone, pulse oximeter, thermometer and blood pressure cuff. In addition to a structured questionnaire, patients are requested to take these readings and send them back to Doccla, using the mobile phone, up to three times daily.

A multi-disciplinary team of clinicians will then proactively monitor the condition of the patients throughout the day, with subsequent ward rounds to discuss each patient in more detail. Patients will remain on the platform, usually for a period of up to 14 days before being discharged. For those patients with slightly more complex care needs, face to face visits are available to supplement the NHS @home service, as well as established links to other Lewisham based services.

The service allows One Health Lewisham to support in the reduction of attendances and admissions to hospital through a clinically safe alternative care pathway.

All clinicians are asked to contact 0203 929 4999, 09.00 – 17.00, Monday to Friday to refer a patient onto NHS @home service.

Patient Journey - Virtual Ward

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