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UHL Streaming Performance Data

Collaboratively, OHL & UHL have achieved significant success in improving patient flow and reducing ED congestion. A recent analysis indicates that UHL has effectively streamed the highest volume of ED patients to co-located GP services. On average, streaming around 18 people per hour through the system.

The OHL Stream and Treat service at UHL has played a crucial role in decreasing the waiting times for patients in the ED. By streaming Type 3 patients to nearby GP services, UHL has alleviated the pressure on ED, enabling faster treatment for those in need of urgent care.

The analysis shows:

  • 41% of patients were streamed to the Urgent Treatment Centre without a GP appointment

  • 41% were streamed to the Urgent Treatment Centre with a GP appointment 

  • 16% were streamed to ED

  • 3% were same day emergency care (SDEC) patients

Through the effectiveness and accuracy of this model, UHL has boosted its overall efficiency and provided better care for all patients.


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